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What is the Pralaya Yoga Cave?

The Pralaya Yoga Cave is a Mighty Network where we share our insights, tips, the latest news, and stories. It's the place of ground-breaking teachings from Robert Boustany, learn about our offerings, and connect with fellow practitioners. It is the place to live, breathe, and grow your practice of Pralaya Yoga.

Robert has so much wisdom to share in playful earnestness. He is totally devoid of bullshit. - R. K.

Who is Robert Boustany?

Robert Boustany formally started practicing yoga at age 11, although his awareness of yoga began much earlier. Robert holds a Master's degree in Physics from Rice University in Houston, Texas and has a keen interest in the sciences, including medical science, EEGs, bio-mechanics, and nano-technology.  Robert's training in Yoga and energetics includes Himalayan Yoga as taught by Swami Vidyadhishananda, Ashtanga Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and many more modalities.

Robert's teaching and study of many styles of yoga and martial arts spans more than 50 years. 

After working with thousands of students, and finding limitations in traditional forms of yoga for our modern lifestyle, he founded PRALAYA Yoga in 2007. PRALAYA Yoga addresses the needs of today's Western world and helps us stave off the pain of old age, find enlightenment, and learn how to use yoga to address many common aches, pains, and injuries. Who wouldn't want that? 

His teachings are like nothing else. 

(Robert) You help the scientifically minded and the faithful alike. - A. K.

Robert Boustany is committed to sharing his knowledge of yoga so that everyone has a chance to feel better, more relaxed, stronger, and grow old gracefully, perhaps feeling enlightened, but not in pain.

Robert's 'non-linear' teaching methods are very effective at conveying a deep knowledge of yoga and engaging students along the yoga path.
- J. W.

What is it Like to Learn from Robert?

Regular practice with Robert as your teacher can reveal intuitive insights into your aches and pain and relieve them immediately or over time, allowing for deeper fulfillment emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

As a master of reading his students, Robert adjusts each live class to meet his student's needs, changing up the postures, pranayama, energy level of the class, and more based on who is there. Many students recount how they feel stronger and more capable of practicing yoga in his presence. 

Practicing with Robert has many gifts.

New yogis and seasoned practitioners alike are attracted to Pralaya Yoga. Some are attracted by the way he teaches - practice woven with subtle cues, insights, and stories from his life experience. Others come to him looking for more depth, authenticity, and subtlety than they've found elsewhere. Whatever reason they come to Robert on their path, they find what they are looking for.

Robert is truly wonderful - beyond words wonderful. I feel so blessed to be able to take Robert's classes. Robert always gives 'insights' that I have never heard (or hear) from anyone else. And these 'insights' are things that I really need. He says things that help me with things that I have struggled with for a long time or things that I am struggling with now. Robert 'knows' exactly these things even though I am now doing virtual classes. It's unbelievable how he 'knows!' Robert is tremendous; my heart is filled with appreciation and gratitude for Robert. - M.H.

The mechanics and principles of Pralaya Yoga take your practice off the mat into the real world. Practicing Pralaya yoga creates a clearer connection with yourself and source. You will look at the world of movement in a whole new light. 

Robert teaches us how to fish rather than simply handing out fish. The things we learn in class can be applied and expanded upon throughout our day and our personal practice allowing us to experience the benefits firsthand. - S.G.

With specific instructions, measured by intention, Robert’s subtle style will transcend your knowledge and understanding of yoga as you know it. It’s like peeling back the layers of an onion. 

You are invited to go as deep as you like.

Robert offers insights into integrating yoga into daily life that come from decades of mindfulness, practice and conceptual development. - B.B.

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We welcome you to The Pralaya Yoga Cave. May joining increase your knowledge and love of yoga, the world, and especially yourself.

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